Growing Beyond Boundaries

Sumathi Information Technologies (Pvt.) Ltd. Sri Lanka’s premier IT System Integration company, with a strong legacy and over twenty years of experience in IT domain. All your IT Solutions in one homely place, with superior customer care.

Helping you Reach Higher
and Achieve More

Sumathi IT and it’s vast capabilities along with the skilled workforce will enable you in ways that others simply cannot match. Sumathi IT offers System Integration solutions as a single-window turnkey solution.
Excellent Customer Care

It's always customer first with us. Ever ready to support you.

Skilled technical team

Our team has over 20 years of experience in the field.

quick response

Speed and agility is what we practice here at Sumathi IT

Quality products

Our solutions are quality and reliable in all it's forms.

Solutions for Days

We provide almost every IT related solution you would ever need.


Bringing you Latest in Tech

Over twenty years of experience in IT domain, Sumathi Information Technologies posses the know-how and equipment to provide you quality, latest technological advancements in Smart Infrastructure and Drone Technologies.

Driving Sri Lanka Towards a Digital Future

Sumathi IT assures its customers of delivering value through its unique offering of cost-effective products, services and solutions that are specially designed to meet the diverse requirements of modern organizations. Today, Sumathi IT is proud of partnering and offering comprehensive system integration services to several large Sri Lankan clients. Sumathi IT’s system integration solutions are already yielding great benefits to many Government and private banks, insurance companies and many other organizations in the financial sector; it has helped in providing routing, switching and security solutions for telecom operators of the country for Sumathi IT has also left its mark in sectors such as power, education, media & entertainment, security, healthcare, retail and defense with its products and solutions.

Fully Customizable Solutions
Quality Partners
Everything You Need

We offer the most comprehensive IT Solutions. Everything you need to achieve your goals.

Friendly work environment

Sumathi IT offers a calm and friendly environment for the employees to feel relaxed and excel at what they do.

skilled workforce with quality in mind

Happy, motivated Workforce
Dedicated and customer oriented

Our team is an enthusiastic, motivated and purpose driven bunch, with quality ideas. Sumathi IT has a perfect work environment that enables its employees reach their maximum potential. We believe happy people produce the best results. Our team has years of experience and unmatched skills, thriving to be even better at what they do daily.

Our Partners

Alliances and partnerships are essential to Sumathi IT’s business strategy. Sumathi IT is developing strong cooperation with key IT market leaders and innovators in order to provide customers with globally recognized advanced IT solutions that help customers to grow and differentiate in their markets.