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Technical Solutions

The challenges of IT system integration have grown over the years with increasing complexities in IT technologies, products and solutions. Sumathi IT provides you with technologically advanced yet easily comprehensible, reliable solutions.

Networking Solutions

Networks, be it LAN or WAN, has become a mere single versatile IP services fabric. Customers are becoming lesser and lesser vendor dependent and concentrating more on the services that run on the IP fabric. Gone are the days where complex networks were built and managed by highly certified networking professionals. Networks are built with the services they need to deliver to the end users in mind with the right quality.

Operations and maintenance are simplified allowing machines to do the analysis and valuable human intellectual bandwidth is freed for other innovative network improvements and future planning. Having understood this transformation that’s taking place in customer networks, Sumathi IT has built a multi-skilled networking team, partnering with a pool of principal vendors, covering a wide array of technologies including the following,

  • Routing & Switching
  • SD-WAN and SD-LAN/SD-Branch
  • Wireless Networks
  • Monitoring
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Information Security Solutions

It is important for employees and all stakeholders to understand information security policies and guidelines.  We, Sumathi IT energise businesses with the most suitable Information Security work practices & Solutions that comply with security policies, so that the effects of possible breaches could be minimised. 

Under the Information Security Services Portfolio, Sumathi IT facilitates businesses in the following areas:

  • Perimeter and Internal Security 
  • Security Management 
  • Authentication 
  • Infrastructure Monitoring
  • Networking 
  • Unified Storage and Backup 
  • Professional Services 
Data Center Solutions

Data center is a facility composed of networked computers, storage systems and computing infrastructure that businesses and other organizations use to organize, process, store and disseminate large amounts of data. We the Sumathi IT, facilitate your organization with the data center solutions to collect its resources and infrastructure for data processing, storage and communications, which include:

  • systems for storing, sharing, accessing and processing data across the organization;
  • physical infrastructure to support data processing and data communications; and utilities such as cooling, electricity, network access and uninterruptible power supplies (UPS).

Gathering all these resources in a data center enables the organization to:

  • protect proprietary systems and data;
  • centralize IT and data processing employees, contractors and vendors;
  • apply information security controls to proprietary systems and data; and
  • realize economies of scale by consolidating sensitive systems in one place.
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Smart city and telecommunication concept.
Smart Infrastructure Solutions

We Sumathi IT facilitates the organizations with the ELV systems to manage the smart building technologies with minimal operating costs, while providing a single platform for controls.

The ELV strategy of the Sumathi IT Consist with domain expertise. Sumathi IT smart buildings take advantage of automation wherever possible. Under the Smart Infrastructure Extra Low Voltage Solutions, Sumathi IT is able to facilitate the organizations with the following IP based – ELV Systems.

  • Structured Cabling Solutions
  • Switching
  • WLAN
  • Surveillances
  • Video Management & Video Analytics
  • PABX Systems
  • Modular Data Center
  • Audio Video AV, Public Address Systems
  • Door Access Control and much more
Unified Communications Solutions

Efficient and effective communications and customer experience management is a mission critical business need for an organization and requires personalized, integrated and comprehensive solutions offerings to function and adapt to highly dynamic customer behaviors. Sumathi IT is completely aligned to help evolve to the Next-Gen collaboration communications concepts.

As a leading system integrator, we offer comprehensive services to design, implement and maintain the right unified communication and contact centre solution with the highest security in mind. Solutions in a nutshell

  • Enterprise Unified Communication Solutions/ IP PABX solutions
  • Video Collaboration Solutions/Video end points and Rooms systems
  • Inbound and outbound contact center platforms
  • Interactive Voice respond systems (IVR) and self-service automations
  • Unified Hospitality solutions
  • Call Accounting and Billing solutions
  • CTI Integrations/integrated Applications and services
  • Consulting services and Manage Services
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End User Devices

An end user device is a personal computer (desktops, notebooks, or workstations) or consumer device that can store information. We are here to equip your employees to work at their optimum with all kinds of End user products. The flexible nature of devices provided by us allows you and your employees to work anywhere. Partnering with key global technology alliances, we are always aspiring to facilitate your organization with trusted, reliable, and competitive devices.

Under the End user devices & Managed Services Portfolio, Sumathi IT energize your organization with the following Products and Services offerings.

  • Laptops / Desktop
  • Customized Laptop / Desktop
  • Professional and Enterprise series Notebooks / Desktops
  • Workstations
  • Tablets
  • Dedicated IT service centres

Service Offerings

The challenges of IT system integration have grown over the years with increasing
complexities in IT technologies, products and solutions. We are here to make it easy for you to manage and maintain these complex technologies.


Often, business owners and managers are worn out by the hassle of managing IT. After all, your job is running the business, not worrying about network performance. Why not leave it to the experts at Sumathi IT? With us, you get all the benefits of your own IT department at a fraction of the cost.

ICT Consultancy

Sumathi IT provides solutions to many industry verticals based on its partnerships with many global solution providers including Oracle. Further, the company provides consultancy services on Cyber Security and ERP.

Managed Services

Managed network services provide many advantages to our customers. Typically designs, implements, installs, and maintains one or more major network functions of your organization, while you concentrate on your core business activities

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